Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Rule of Law

When it comes to the rule of law conservatives will fight hard to ensure that this concept is enforced. But In the criminal justice system, blacks, Latinos, and the working poor are criminalized. Those who disagree with this premise, will simply state that these individuals have choices in which they can either choose to commit a crime or obey the rule of law. The problem with this notion is that it blatantly ignores the root of the issue that continue to effect lower level people on a daily basis. For example, Jim Crow was a popular law that was enacted by the ruling class, representing those who are not black. Since blacks had no say in the political process in America up until the 1960’s, they were bound to the laws that oppressed them. Therefore any morally sound person would reject Jim Crow laws, and agree that they were far from equal. It has been decades since these laws have been ousted, but today poor people still suffer from an institutionalized racism from the ruling power.

In inner cities in America young Black and Latino kids share a strong culture and style that is not understood or looked down upon by society. If they were part of a ruling class, their culture would be considered an ideal example to follow. But since they lack the privilege of the ruling class they are considered thugs, and labeled as criminals. These individuals are then alienated by society and forced to form close bonds to those whom are similar to themselves. In order for the ruling class to maintain their power, strict laws and policies are enforced to ensure that the chances of improvement for these people are slim to none. In addition, statistics are created which further enforce the notion that people of color are nothing more than savages and criminals who need to be incarcerated, to maintain a civil society. When one doesn’t have the economical power to better their own situation they fall victim to the systems laws, which were created by a dominate group; using the dominate groups beliefs, to benefit the dominate group. Blacks defiantly do not benefit from these laws since they are the highest in number of those incarcerated. Whites do benefit from these laws since their incarceration numbers are a lot lower than black incarceration numbers.

The rule of law debate is interchangeable. When a poor person steals something from a grocery store to satisfy their hunger, this action is looked upon as a crime. But, when a police officer murders a suspect their actions are looked upon as heroic. If the police officer can be spared by the rule of law, how come the hungry man cannot? This example only proves that the law is set to benefit those with some sort of political or economic power. When Oscar Grant, was assassinated in Cold blood in the streets of Oakland; the officer who shot him in the back was charged with murder. Similar to the Rodney King Trial in Los Angeles, the officer’s defense attorney plans to relocate the trial so he can face a jury in a whiter jurisdiction. The officers’ in the Rodney King trial evaded conviction by receiving a convenient change of venue. The officers’ political power allowed them to escape justice, even though they were clearly guilty. The Oscar Grant trial is still underway, but if the officer who killed him gets acquitted, this will only prove that those with political or economic power benefit from the criminal justice system. The rule of law is the rule of law, murder is murder, but when it apply to those whom are apart of the majority, exceptions are granted.

Capitalism creates a system of classism and racism that leaves the oppressed powerless. The criminalization of these people, are justified by the laws that they are bound to. Since they lack the political power to change these laws they will continue to be victimized. Black communities like Rosewood Florida, were self sufficient communities until they were destroyed by racist whites, who faced no repercussions from the law. It is no different today, a poor person can only get ahead so much until it is revealed to them who they really are. The rule of law only protects those with elite status, and criminalizes those who cannot protect themselves from the ruling power.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

College Educated Idiots

Community Colleges are a stepping ground for students who struggled in high school, and students who can not afford the expensive tuition of public and private Universities. However, not all students understand the full entirety of the Community College system. Associate degrees are an accomplishment to be proud of, but when it comes time to transfer to a four year university, it is up to the University to decide which credits they will accept, and if your credits are accepted. Your grades from your Community College may not always be transferred. What good is it to have 60 credits transferred to a University without a grade attached to them? One may have the necessary credits to graduate, but may also lack the core classes needed to graduate. Therefore, your 60 credits completed at a Community College were used just to get you in the door of a University. As stated earlier, community colleges are a stepping stone to get into a University, but it is not fair to make students pay for courses that may not always be accredited at Universities.

Proponents to Community colleges argue that dummies are being passed on to university's funded by the government. I agree to an extent, however I believe that everyone deserves a chance to receive a quality education. At the same time, everyone should be able to receive some sort of federal assistance. Free money is out there but sometimes the wrong people are given the free money. I have an acquaintance who does not take his Community College education seriously. He often brags about what he is going to buy with his financial aid money, and tends to take the minimum amount of classes each semester. To continue receiving financial aid money a student only has to maintain a 2.0 grade point average. Students like the one mentioned earlier, then proceed to acquire associate degrees, and head on to four year universities to receive bachelor degrees. When they reach Universities their skills needed to succeed are below average, and they get pushed through bachelor programs with sub par skills. In today's day and age students who should not receive degrees are being handed degrees, and passed along to grad school, which produces College educated Idiots. These people then proceed to wear their college degrees on their sleeves even though their skills a far below a college graduate level.

Schools need to stop worrying about making money , and make sure students who cant perform at a college level be educated properly.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Debate on Religion in America seldom occurs. Religious people are so stuck in their ways that they refuse to acknowledge science or common knowledge that can easily debunk their beloved gods. Spirituality and morals were around way before any concept of god or religion, but Christians act as though they have a trade mark on morality. Religion strips a person’s individuality from them and forces them to become something that they were never meant to become. Spirituality was founded on being true to ones self, organized religions stole spirituality and added their own twisted morals in order to control and brain wash their followers. If people would realize that religion is not needed to be spiritual and live a prosperous life then they wouldn’t flock to these churches by the millions. Religion is just a way to confuse people and prevent them from finding their own meaning of their own life. It is imperative that people become individual thinkers and question things that they believe are fallacies. I was once indoctrinated by Christianity, but I woke up and began to question things I was told not to question. Dropping Christianity granted me the ability to give my own life a meaning without worrying about some god in the sky judging me. In addition, I began to question why would a creator judge its creations when his creations are not godly like the so called creator. I could write for day’s questioning religion, but I will not because I have come in connect with my higher being, and I am comfortable with my own spirituality. It is up to those questioning their religion to do their own research and look in to them selves for guidance on spirituality. A great book to read is “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Capitalism, Police Corruption and Classism

In a democratic society one would only believe that all people of all colors would be represented equally. But in the United States of America, democracy only applies to those in power. Capitalism creates classism, which disproportionately affects black people and people of color. Wealth is kept in the hands of a small proportion of the population, further decreasing the opportunity for people at the bottom the ability to better their situations. When people are not given equal opportunities to succeed disparities are created, which further separate classes. Lower level people are often times looked down upon and ignored. Take Hurricane Katrina for an example; the state of Louisiana knew they had faulty levees, but since these levees were located in lower level areas nothing was done to insure that they were prepared for a massive hurricane like Katrina. It is imperative that lower level people take action by becoming more radical and addressing injustices against their community’s.

When the serial killer in Cleveland stored seven poor black woman’s bodies in his house this further showcased the lack of concern for lower level black people. Had this same event occurred in a wealthy suburban area, national news coverage would have been diverted to make sure these women were somehow found. How can we live in a democratic society when a white woman’s well being is considered more valuable than a black woman’s well being? Black communities have been under attack by drugs, weapons, and, police brutality for decades. The war on dugs has systematically destroyed the family structure in inner cities throughout America. The disdain towards police in these communities stems from the historical oppression placed upon blacks by crime fighting police officers. When the goal of policing is to stop crime instead of preventing it, police officers perceive poor blacks as being inherently criminal. Thus, creating an us vs. them ideology that leads to innocent victims losing their lives, and innocent citizens being incarcerated.

Most people in poor communities have a lack of knowledge of the law which allows the criminal justice system to take advantage of their ignorance. This system is corrupted, and it is easy for this system to destroy lives by criminalizing the poor, while CEO’s and presidents profit off of wars, death, and indigent labor. We as a society must wakeup educate our selves become more radical and take what is naturally ours. We all deserve a piece of the pie.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Health Care Reform and Blue Dog Democrats

Health care reform has just passed through the house and the only thing holding it back is the senate. I do not want to jump to conclusions since the bill has not passed yet, but if it were to pass this is a great sign for actual change. Thirty nine democrats voted against the bill while only one republican voted for it. Thus, showcasing some sort of division within the Democratic Party. This division is a major threat even though the bill passed regardless. If the democrats are not careful this division can cost them severely in the upcoming elections. The Virginia and New Jersey Governor races were both lost by the Democratic Party, although President Barrack Obama is a very popular democratic president. Barrack is not a one man show and him co signing something does not always guarantee a victory. Therefore, the democrats must regroup as a party and get rid of the so called “blue dog” Democrats.

The Blue dog democrats consider them selves fiscally conservative liberals who are independent. I consider them Southern Republicans who have infiltrated the Democratic Party. These blue dogs then complicate policy making for the true liberals further dividing the Democratic Party. One thing I can say about the Republicans is that they do tend to stick together no matter how whack their policies may be. It is up to the constituents of these so called Blue dog democrats to make sure these fools do not further divide the Democratic Party. Do not vote for someone who votes against health care reform, or any type of reform that may benefit society. Instead of worrying about the right the Democrats must keep an eye on those who vote against bills backed heavily by fellow democrats. One can only wonder if these Blue dogs are really just Republican infiltrators out to divide the Democratic Party.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random Thoughts

Americans have a serious issue when it comes to living beyond their means, and buying materialistic things to impress society. Regardless of how much a person is earning yearly, their quality of life is often based off of what material items they posses. Materialistic people are placed on a pedestal, while simpler individuals are looked down upon. This creates a society of attention seekers, who will do anything for their five minutes of fame. Social networks are great for one thing, besides networking, entertainment. Sites like Ustream, and you tube, showcase attention seeking individuals on a daily basis searching for their big break. Throwing money on strippers, known as making it rain was embraced in the hip hop culture, and impressionable teens sale drugs to join in this fad. In addition, dropping out of school can be looked at as adding street credentials to an aspiring rappers resume, and I don’t have enough fingers to count all the independent rap artists I know. If this type of behavior continues our youth will be working until their 70, or our prisons will fill up until we have to start building prisons on mars. It may sound sarcastic, but our priorities are messed up. Like Barrack Obama said, “Not everyone can be Lil Wayne or Lebron James”, but if you were to take a trip around your neighborhood you would think otherwise. Maybe it is just my neighborhood, or maybe it is yours also, but one thing is certain there are too many Indians and not enough chiefs.

On a more serious note, I often times wonder why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. Do elite people exploit materialism so lower level people can spend all their money buying things that aren’t important? What says you……..

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Social Engineering

Jason Williams and Will capers both posted magnificent posts, so I decided to respond to they’re posts with my own insights on white privilege and social engineering. In a society where little is taught about the suffering of people of color and indigenous people, it is to no surprise that white people are clueless to their suffering. Social engineering has helped dumb down society by bringing forth a false representation of people of color. This false representation has led white people to a belief that they are some how superior. In addition, this pseudo superiority complex has affected the mind sets of several peoples of color leaving them to believe that white people are indeed superior, when in all actuality we are all humans. When you are told your whole life, that you have to work 10 times harder, than a white man because of the color of your skin, and to actually work harder than that average white man to make less money. Makes one wonder if this system has actually changed any since the days of slavery?

With disparities in the criminal justice, educational, social, and economical systems disproportionally, affecting blacks. I wonder if any thing is actually being done to fix these problems or if social engineering is in fact enabling these disparities to continue. As Mr. Williams stated, with no control over Media, school systems, and judicial power these disparities will continue to effect people of color. Does any body care? Or is it ok for black children to continue to attend schools that do not care if they pass or fail. The American society lacks accountability, which allows these disparities to continue to occur. Without any real leadership people of color will continue to be underrepresented in corporate America and all forms of governmental power. As Mr. Capers stated, there are a hand full of black billionaires, and capitalism has helped insure that it stays that way.

When blacks try to fight these disparities it is almost as though they are fighting a fight that can not be won. Something always seems to pop up to create a new problem. For example, Tulsa Oklahoma was one of the wealthiest African American communities in the United States, until a deadly race riot destroyed everything that was created. The isolation of people of color in this society has led to the current disparities. A common phrase by racist whites is that blacks need to take personal accountability. I strongly agree that people of color do indeed need to embrace accountability, like all races of people, but we must address the underlying factors that lead to the current disparities.

I recently read an article on the lack of blacks in law schools. With tests such as the LSAT, the numbers of blacks in law school continues to dwindle yearly. Since the criminal justice system affects blacks drastically, one would come to the belief that blacks need representation in the court room that share the same skin color as them. We also need law makers who can help ensure that the criminal justice system won’t unfairly incarcerate blacks at a disproportionate number. Whites get off much easier when convicted of a crime, and most of the times do not get convicted at all. When you are deemed as a criminal, and the black sheep of society, and a war on crime is being fought . People of color will continue to get locked up at record numbers. Real change needs to occur before we can call the age of Obama, a post race age. What good is it having a dream to better your self, when barriers deter you from reaching your dreams? As in case with the LSAT, this system was designed to have a minimal amount of successful blacks to give you a pseudo belief that you too can make it. If we do not address these problems they will continue to haunt people of color.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Uninformed Beliefs

Americans will go out of their way to support political ideologies they feel suit their bigoted beliefs, regardless if the political party’s they support are against individuals self interest. Watching the so called “Tea Parties”, that occurred on September 11th further proves my point that some whites just do not want to see the President succeed, regardless if the presidents policies in fact do benefit poorer whites. It is almost as if common sense goes out of the window when it comes to listening to what our president has to say. A critical thinker would listen to both sides of a argument and make a informed decision based off of a logical premise, but when it comes to a black man all informed decision making goes out of the window. This type of thinking is a huge problem in America. President Bush was able to win two elections, and destroy our economy based off of his right wing ultra conservative/religious rhetoric. Right wingers claim to be god loving people who love their country, but when it comes to fixing our country with our current president they want his policies to fail. What happened to God Bless America? Does that saying only apply when a Caucasian is in office?

My teacher today discussed health care reform briefly in class. He tried to stay neutral, but his way of presenting the facts clearly showed that his beliefs were biased. He brought up the fact that health care for everyone is important, but the tax payer money that will be spent to accomplish health care reform is ridiculous. Right wingers love using the “T” word(Tax payer), but when president bush was spending uncontrollably and deregulating the market, the “T” word was nowhere to be found. I have some advice for right wingers; if you want to be taken seriously please be consistent. Your hate for a black president is clearly visible.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Change must come

With the current problems in the United States regarding race one is to only wonder if things have really gotten any better. Institutionalized racism is enforced in stealth, and when people of color point out disparities, they are told that they are using the race card and “pointing fingers”. There is historical evidence to point out these disparities, but without any economical or political power people of color and people at the bottom have no power to fix these disparities. Democrats are known to pacify lower level individuals without actually fixing any of their problems, which allows them to continue to profit from this white ruling society. The Election of Barrack Obama has inspired millions in America by bringing forth faith that there is still hope for change in this capitalistic country, but the only change I see is the color of the president’s skin. Barrack has only been in office for 10 months, but his current political blueprint only leaves one to wonder if Barrack is just another self greed seeking president. In addition, Barrack continues to give great speeches promising change to only bail out more banks and send more money to Wall Street. If Barrack doesn’t bring the change that this country drastically needs, I can guarantee a political revolution that will leave the current two party system in shambles. The Democrats and the Republicans continue to promise change all while pocketing tax payer money to compensate fortune 500 executives. It is time for change and I hope it comes soon.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Unpatriotic Americans

The American flag represents a pseudo form of history which Americans perceive at face value. The history of this country is a conflicting history due to the brutalization and decapitation of indigenous people to advance our nation. When Americans take pride in this flag, they take pride in a history that has oppressed, demoralized and isolated many Americans. When I hear the word "patriotic" , I tend to react in disconcert, not because I hate my country, but because i am not a recipient of privilege in this country. I ask this simple question?, Why should i be patriotic? When this country is known to dehumanize, persecute and morally sabotage its own citizens. Our elected officials are quick to send aid to Israel, but when it comes to their own constituents, they are told to pull themselves up by their own boot straps, when a boot nor a strap are in sight. Status quo teaches citizens that it is unpatriotic to question the establishment, especially in concerns to social issues.

When Michele Obama Stated, that "This is the first time I am proud of my country", in context to her husband winning the democratic election,conservatives attacked her statements instead of having empathy for her convictions. A logical minded individual would marvel at her beliefs and be willing to hear her point of view, but she was marginalized and labeled as a "Angry Black Woman". It is as though when a person of color speaks on their experiences' their either looked down upon or considered unpatriotic, as though their experiences do not hold any merit. This is a major problem in America which mentally isolates citizens as though they are aliens in their own land. Until everyone's story is listened to and given serious discussion, this country will continue to be divided. Leaving individuals like my self unpatriotic.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The " American Dream" is a fallacy.

People may ask why I titled my post the American dream is a fallacy. They may think I am crazy and ungrateful to live in a country where everyone has a chance to succeed. Well,the truth is everything that you have ever heard about the good ole U.S.A is either a lie or a stretch of the truth. Therefore, my title to this post makes a lot of sense.You do have a chance to succeed in this country, if you come from a rich family or if you are an immigrant that was granted special funding and public assistance that the average American can not get. However , those immigrants who get the special assistance still come to this country off of false premises. If they knew that the free market really isn't as free as it sounds I am pretty sure they would not have left their home countries'. I am sure if they were aware of what they were getting themselves into they would have remained home. Who wants to leave their family,friends, and current life to undertake a new journey in an unknown country to only be oppressed further and discriminated against? Ive' noticed that a lot of immigrants come here and try their hardest to kiss, "Whitey's" ass when "Whitey" still see them as a slave or a bottom feeding immigrant. Why disown your own culture to be accepted in a culture that will never accept you?

There has been much debate on whether or not we should open our borders and start legalizing illegal aliens. Barrack Obama spoke on this issue briefly during his speech in New Orleans. He tiptoed around the topic, but he did state that if we were going to legalize illegal immigrants then we must do it in a way that they could compete and work in our current system. If this were to happen a lot of poor people would be in trouble. The corporations would then have to pay everyone equally and illegal immigrants being paid under the table would disappear. I take this issue very seriously, because if our government currently doesn't care about poor people needs, then what is going to happen if illegal immigrants are awarded citizenship? Will individuals who are currently in need wake up and try to do something with their lives, or will illegal immigrants take their public assistance. Will the Americans on welfare be kicked to the streets like so called "Third world countries'? Will illegals come and capitalize off of our wealth or am I looking too deep into this problem? These questions I ask are hypothetical questions, but they are definitely something we should think about. With more and more immigrants chasing the so called American Dream more Americans will suffer, and our tax dollars will go towards making immigrants illegal migration easier. Our schools go out of their way to make sure immigrant students learn our language and succeed, but when it comes to American children they are left behind.These illegal aliens then become working class slaves and corporations continue to piggy back off of all of our backs. Capitalism is a joke............

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The current state of Young Blacks in America

Nowadays a lot of black teens and adults are being influenced by what they see on television.Therefore, they tend to follow trends and not use critical thinking skills.I admire people like Michael Jackson because he was a individual thinker.He had his own style and way of life and was comfortable enough to not change himself in order to fit in.The average person may say that Michael Jackson changed his appearance because he was not happy with the way he looked but, I can easily refute that. Mike was so creative and one of the reasons why he had several surgery's was because he did not want to look like the average Joe. With the continuing negative image being of blaks being portrayed on television a lot of blacks are allowing themselves to fall victims to the same stereotypes that are being broadcast-ed on national television every day.A lot of young blacks tend to look down upon education and look to others forms of employment to get ahead, they look to sports, entertainment ,labor work, or the streets instead of pursuing a education.In contrast, I know that school is not for everyone but if we continue to engage in these activities we will never close the economical gap that we currently face.It is up to the youth to step it up and make something out of their lives before we continue to fall further behind.Instead of putting rims and stereos in vehicles why not put a book in your hands and invest knowledge into your brain.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nation's pupils find few black men as teachers

I Stumbled upon a interesting article in today's newspaper.The article presented a growing problem in our school system that needs to be addressed.If educators want to reduce minority achievement gaps and drop out rates, then they must employ more black male teachers.American teachers are 87 percent white and 77 percent female, despite minority student populations of 44 percent.It is of importance that more black teachers are hired because black drop out rates continue to skyrocket, and black students lack teachers they can relate to and look upon as a role mode.With so many black children with out male figures in their lives, a strong black teacher could help mold a young and confused teen into a strong educated black man.We need more minority men at the head of class rooms and if we do not address this issue the drop out rates and achievement gaps will continue to rise.

Friday, September 25, 2009

911 comission act

The battle for United 93 informed me of the events that led up to the crashing of United Flight number 93 in Shanksville Pennsylvania.My interpretation of this narrative is vastly different from how others may interprete it.I believe that misscommunication and lack of leadership led to the deaths of innocent human beings.As stated in The 911 Comission Act, no one at TheFAA or the airlines that day has ever dealt with multiple hijackings, and that was clearly exhibited on September 11, 2001.It didn't occur to The FAA leadership to alert other aircrafts in the air that they too were at risk.In an attempt to defend themselves, the FAA stated in The 911 commission act ," It was the air carriers responsibility to notify their planes of security problems".The Airliner's defense was that they received reports that were conflicted and lacking in vital information.Both sides were truly unprepared for the events that occurred on September 11 2001, thus i conclude, that although we can't change the lack of organization and leadership that had transpired;however, we can learn from the mistakes and make sure a tragedy to this extent will never happen again.

The thirty seven Passengers on Flight 93 took it upon themselves to show leadership that was lacking from The FAA and Airliners by making sure the hijackers didn't succeed in their hateful mission.These Individuals were true heroes whose lives were lost due to hatred of foreign entities, and lack of communication and preparation for such an event.It is truly sad that it took such an atrocity for the nation to get it together when it comes to securing the airwaves.We as Americans tend to have the belief that such events can never happen on our homeland, but September 11th, proved that when you don't take foreign threats serious, and aren't prepared for such an event anything can happen.

I can only imagine being on the other end of the phone talking to one of my loved ones for the last time.I would ask myself ,ow and why did this happen, and what could of been done to prevent it?I can only imagine being on the flight that day and witnessing the lack of compassion for others lives and the hatred beforehand.The truth is we live in an inherently evil world and without proper preventive techniques, terrorist will be able to attack our country freely.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Woman's Human Rights In Perspective

My good friend J writer 4, whos blogspot link I will leave for you to view,made a great video on Human Rights and Rape as Genocide.I decided to conduct my own research on the topic, and I was amazed at the lack of legal protections of Woman's Human rights.Woman's humans rights recieved scant attention before the 1990s, and to bring awareness to this issue The Woman's Rights Project of Human Rights Watch and The Woman's Rights Advocacy Program of the International Human Rights Law group, were established to bring forth activisim for Womans Rights.Why were womans rights given little attention in the mass society?Institutional and structional factors, such as lack of representation in national governments and international governments led to the lack of insight of Woman's Human Rights.What are Woman's Rights?Certain Individuals like to believe that Woman's Rights shouldn't be labeled as Woman's Rights but strictly Human Rights.Woman's Rights are Human Rights, but when it comes to Forced pregnancy and sexual violence in cultures where its socially accepted, Womans rights are violated.In Islamic countrys death by stoning of woman for adcriultery is a normal pratice.Not much is said and thought about it.Rape as a war crime is a violation of Human rights, and when it comes to African woman being raped in War times not much is said.In 1992 during the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegivina. The U.N. established a tribunal to prosecute whom ever commited these horrid acts.If the U. N. wants to prosecute individuals for Human Rights violations, why dont they prosecute everyone and not turn there heads on African Woman.There human arent they?
Link to Jwriter4's 30 minute video on Femicide enjoy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

America Post Obama

What will America be like Post Obama , weither it be 2012 or 2016?What will America be like for Black people post Obama.Will the opportunity to succed be greater?Will our children be able to go to safe and functionalble schools?Will we bridge the gap and take what is naturally ours ?,or will we continue to be at the end of negative statistics?

I ask this because its not far away, and our position in this society hasnt changed.Think about this and leave me your thoughts.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Someone Please Give Kanye West a Bottle of Sit Yo ass Down

Kanye West is a corny bitch made attention seeking individual.Kanye West has been known as a crybaby who can't shut his mouth,and his actions at The Vmas clearly showcased his addiction and need for attention.He trys to come of as a outspoken person, but he fails miserably.Theres nothing wrong with sitting down sometimes.You always dont have to be the center of attention all the time,its very corny, especially for a man.Never the less, I hope Kanye gets his act together and sits his ass down next time, no one respects a bully.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has single handedly taken over the media,A man once forgotten and ridiculed is now obsessed over and hated.What ever felling you have about the man you must respect his life and music, he was a weirdo, but who wouldn't be growing up in the spotlight since child hood.Mike lived his life Like a living Truman show. We tend to judge without being able to relate or understand a person.Seeing mikes last performance before his death really showed the passion he had for his craft. Creatively, Mike had some tricks up his sleeve and was about to take the world for a journey, but we didnt get to see that journey occur.Something happend during his last couple of hours of living and Mikes associates dropped the ball , by allowing him to take a suicidial nose dive using drug .Essentially, All he really needed was a friend and a rock to lean on.I learned alot from Mikes music, interviews and actions, he was a humanitariaun and he gave his life to this world.Its sad he didnt get to enjoy the rest of his life and see his children go off to college Rest In peace Mike Jack.