Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The current state of Young Blacks in America

Nowadays a lot of black teens and adults are being influenced by what they see on television.Therefore, they tend to follow trends and not use critical thinking skills.I admire people like Michael Jackson because he was a individual thinker.He had his own style and way of life and was comfortable enough to not change himself in order to fit in.The average person may say that Michael Jackson changed his appearance because he was not happy with the way he looked but, I can easily refute that. Mike was so creative and one of the reasons why he had several surgery's was because he did not want to look like the average Joe. With the continuing negative image being of blaks being portrayed on television a lot of blacks are allowing themselves to fall victims to the same stereotypes that are being broadcast-ed on national television every day.A lot of young blacks tend to look down upon education and look to others forms of employment to get ahead, they look to sports, entertainment ,labor work, or the streets instead of pursuing a education.In contrast, I know that school is not for everyone but if we continue to engage in these activities we will never close the economical gap that we currently face.It is up to the youth to step it up and make something out of their lives before we continue to fall further behind.Instead of putting rims and stereos in vehicles why not put a book in your hands and invest knowledge into your brain.

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