Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nation's pupils find few black men as teachers

I Stumbled upon a interesting article in today's newspaper.The article presented a growing problem in our school system that needs to be addressed.If educators want to reduce minority achievement gaps and drop out rates, then they must employ more black male teachers.American teachers are 87 percent white and 77 percent female, despite minority student populations of 44 percent.It is of importance that more black teachers are hired because black drop out rates continue to skyrocket, and black students lack teachers they can relate to and look upon as a role mode.With so many black children with out male figures in their lives, a strong black teacher could help mold a young and confused teen into a strong educated black man.We need more minority men at the head of class rooms and if we do not address this issue the drop out rates and achievement gaps will continue to rise.

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  1. Excellent post here! & I most certainly agree.... I do believe that if a student sees someone like himself at the head of the classroom there is a great chance for that student to develop a sense of self empowerment, which of course will lead to more effort..