Sunday, October 25, 2009

Change must come

With the current problems in the United States regarding race one is to only wonder if things have really gotten any better. Institutionalized racism is enforced in stealth, and when people of color point out disparities, they are told that they are using the race card and “pointing fingers”. There is historical evidence to point out these disparities, but without any economical or political power people of color and people at the bottom have no power to fix these disparities. Democrats are known to pacify lower level individuals without actually fixing any of their problems, which allows them to continue to profit from this white ruling society. The Election of Barrack Obama has inspired millions in America by bringing forth faith that there is still hope for change in this capitalistic country, but the only change I see is the color of the president’s skin. Barrack has only been in office for 10 months, but his current political blueprint only leaves one to wonder if Barrack is just another self greed seeking president. In addition, Barrack continues to give great speeches promising change to only bail out more banks and send more money to Wall Street. If Barrack doesn’t bring the change that this country drastically needs, I can guarantee a political revolution that will leave the current two party system in shambles. The Democrats and the Republicans continue to promise change all while pocketing tax payer money to compensate fortune 500 executives. It is time for change and I hope it comes soon.

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