Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Uninformed Beliefs

Americans will go out of their way to support political ideologies they feel suit their bigoted beliefs, regardless if the political party’s they support are against individuals self interest. Watching the so called “Tea Parties”, that occurred on September 11th further proves my point that some whites just do not want to see the President succeed, regardless if the presidents policies in fact do benefit poorer whites. It is almost as if common sense goes out of the window when it comes to listening to what our president has to say. A critical thinker would listen to both sides of a argument and make a informed decision based off of a logical premise, but when it comes to a black man all informed decision making goes out of the window. This type of thinking is a huge problem in America. President Bush was able to win two elections, and destroy our economy based off of his right wing ultra conservative/religious rhetoric. Right wingers claim to be god loving people who love their country, but when it comes to fixing our country with our current president they want his policies to fail. What happened to God Bless America? Does that saying only apply when a Caucasian is in office?

My teacher today discussed health care reform briefly in class. He tried to stay neutral, but his way of presenting the facts clearly showed that his beliefs were biased. He brought up the fact that health care for everyone is important, but the tax payer money that will be spent to accomplish health care reform is ridiculous. Right wingers love using the “T” word(Tax payer), but when president bush was spending uncontrollably and deregulating the market, the “T” word was nowhere to be found. I have some advice for right wingers; if you want to be taken seriously please be consistent. Your hate for a black president is clearly visible.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Change must come

With the current problems in the United States regarding race one is to only wonder if things have really gotten any better. Institutionalized racism is enforced in stealth, and when people of color point out disparities, they are told that they are using the race card and “pointing fingers”. There is historical evidence to point out these disparities, but without any economical or political power people of color and people at the bottom have no power to fix these disparities. Democrats are known to pacify lower level individuals without actually fixing any of their problems, which allows them to continue to profit from this white ruling society. The Election of Barrack Obama has inspired millions in America by bringing forth faith that there is still hope for change in this capitalistic country, but the only change I see is the color of the president’s skin. Barrack has only been in office for 10 months, but his current political blueprint only leaves one to wonder if Barrack is just another self greed seeking president. In addition, Barrack continues to give great speeches promising change to only bail out more banks and send more money to Wall Street. If Barrack doesn’t bring the change that this country drastically needs, I can guarantee a political revolution that will leave the current two party system in shambles. The Democrats and the Republicans continue to promise change all while pocketing tax payer money to compensate fortune 500 executives. It is time for change and I hope it comes soon.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Unpatriotic Americans

The American flag represents a pseudo form of history which Americans perceive at face value. The history of this country is a conflicting history due to the brutalization and decapitation of indigenous people to advance our nation. When Americans take pride in this flag, they take pride in a history that has oppressed, demoralized and isolated many Americans. When I hear the word "patriotic" , I tend to react in disconcert, not because I hate my country, but because i am not a recipient of privilege in this country. I ask this simple question?, Why should i be patriotic? When this country is known to dehumanize, persecute and morally sabotage its own citizens. Our elected officials are quick to send aid to Israel, but when it comes to their own constituents, they are told to pull themselves up by their own boot straps, when a boot nor a strap are in sight. Status quo teaches citizens that it is unpatriotic to question the establishment, especially in concerns to social issues.

When Michele Obama Stated, that "This is the first time I am proud of my country", in context to her husband winning the democratic election,conservatives attacked her statements instead of having empathy for her convictions. A logical minded individual would marvel at her beliefs and be willing to hear her point of view, but she was marginalized and labeled as a "Angry Black Woman". It is as though when a person of color speaks on their experiences' their either looked down upon or considered unpatriotic, as though their experiences do not hold any merit. This is a major problem in America which mentally isolates citizens as though they are aliens in their own land. Until everyone's story is listened to and given serious discussion, this country will continue to be divided. Leaving individuals like my self unpatriotic.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The " American Dream" is a fallacy.

People may ask why I titled my post the American dream is a fallacy. They may think I am crazy and ungrateful to live in a country where everyone has a chance to succeed. Well,the truth is everything that you have ever heard about the good ole U.S.A is either a lie or a stretch of the truth. Therefore, my title to this post makes a lot of sense.You do have a chance to succeed in this country, if you come from a rich family or if you are an immigrant that was granted special funding and public assistance that the average American can not get. However , those immigrants who get the special assistance still come to this country off of false premises. If they knew that the free market really isn't as free as it sounds I am pretty sure they would not have left their home countries'. I am sure if they were aware of what they were getting themselves into they would have remained home. Who wants to leave their family,friends, and current life to undertake a new journey in an unknown country to only be oppressed further and discriminated against? Ive' noticed that a lot of immigrants come here and try their hardest to kiss, "Whitey's" ass when "Whitey" still see them as a slave or a bottom feeding immigrant. Why disown your own culture to be accepted in a culture that will never accept you?

There has been much debate on whether or not we should open our borders and start legalizing illegal aliens. Barrack Obama spoke on this issue briefly during his speech in New Orleans. He tiptoed around the topic, but he did state that if we were going to legalize illegal immigrants then we must do it in a way that they could compete and work in our current system. If this were to happen a lot of poor people would be in trouble. The corporations would then have to pay everyone equally and illegal immigrants being paid under the table would disappear. I take this issue very seriously, because if our government currently doesn't care about poor people needs, then what is going to happen if illegal immigrants are awarded citizenship? Will individuals who are currently in need wake up and try to do something with their lives, or will illegal immigrants take their public assistance. Will the Americans on welfare be kicked to the streets like so called "Third world countries'? Will illegals come and capitalize off of our wealth or am I looking too deep into this problem? These questions I ask are hypothetical questions, but they are definitely something we should think about. With more and more immigrants chasing the so called American Dream more Americans will suffer, and our tax dollars will go towards making immigrants illegal migration easier. Our schools go out of their way to make sure immigrant students learn our language and succeed, but when it comes to American children they are left behind.These illegal aliens then become working class slaves and corporations continue to piggy back off of all of our backs. Capitalism is a joke............

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The current state of Young Blacks in America

Nowadays a lot of black teens and adults are being influenced by what they see on television.Therefore, they tend to follow trends and not use critical thinking skills.I admire people like Michael Jackson because he was a individual thinker.He had his own style and way of life and was comfortable enough to not change himself in order to fit in.The average person may say that Michael Jackson changed his appearance because he was not happy with the way he looked but, I can easily refute that. Mike was so creative and one of the reasons why he had several surgery's was because he did not want to look like the average Joe. With the continuing negative image being of blaks being portrayed on television a lot of blacks are allowing themselves to fall victims to the same stereotypes that are being broadcast-ed on national television every day.A lot of young blacks tend to look down upon education and look to others forms of employment to get ahead, they look to sports, entertainment ,labor work, or the streets instead of pursuing a education.In contrast, I know that school is not for everyone but if we continue to engage in these activities we will never close the economical gap that we currently face.It is up to the youth to step it up and make something out of their lives before we continue to fall further behind.Instead of putting rims and stereos in vehicles why not put a book in your hands and invest knowledge into your brain.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nation's pupils find few black men as teachers

I Stumbled upon a interesting article in today's newspaper.The article presented a growing problem in our school system that needs to be addressed.If educators want to reduce minority achievement gaps and drop out rates, then they must employ more black male teachers.American teachers are 87 percent white and 77 percent female, despite minority student populations of 44 percent.It is of importance that more black teachers are hired because black drop out rates continue to skyrocket, and black students lack teachers they can relate to and look upon as a role mode.With so many black children with out male figures in their lives, a strong black teacher could help mold a young and confused teen into a strong educated black man.We need more minority men at the head of class rooms and if we do not address this issue the drop out rates and achievement gaps will continue to rise.