Saturday, October 17, 2009

The " American Dream" is a fallacy.

People may ask why I titled my post the American dream is a fallacy. They may think I am crazy and ungrateful to live in a country where everyone has a chance to succeed. Well,the truth is everything that you have ever heard about the good ole U.S.A is either a lie or a stretch of the truth. Therefore, my title to this post makes a lot of sense.You do have a chance to succeed in this country, if you come from a rich family or if you are an immigrant that was granted special funding and public assistance that the average American can not get. However , those immigrants who get the special assistance still come to this country off of false premises. If they knew that the free market really isn't as free as it sounds I am pretty sure they would not have left their home countries'. I am sure if they were aware of what they were getting themselves into they would have remained home. Who wants to leave their family,friends, and current life to undertake a new journey in an unknown country to only be oppressed further and discriminated against? Ive' noticed that a lot of immigrants come here and try their hardest to kiss, "Whitey's" ass when "Whitey" still see them as a slave or a bottom feeding immigrant. Why disown your own culture to be accepted in a culture that will never accept you?

There has been much debate on whether or not we should open our borders and start legalizing illegal aliens. Barrack Obama spoke on this issue briefly during his speech in New Orleans. He tiptoed around the topic, but he did state that if we were going to legalize illegal immigrants then we must do it in a way that they could compete and work in our current system. If this were to happen a lot of poor people would be in trouble. The corporations would then have to pay everyone equally and illegal immigrants being paid under the table would disappear. I take this issue very seriously, because if our government currently doesn't care about poor people needs, then what is going to happen if illegal immigrants are awarded citizenship? Will individuals who are currently in need wake up and try to do something with their lives, or will illegal immigrants take their public assistance. Will the Americans on welfare be kicked to the streets like so called "Third world countries'? Will illegals come and capitalize off of our wealth or am I looking too deep into this problem? These questions I ask are hypothetical questions, but they are definitely something we should think about. With more and more immigrants chasing the so called American Dream more Americans will suffer, and our tax dollars will go towards making immigrants illegal migration easier. Our schools go out of their way to make sure immigrant students learn our language and succeed, but when it comes to American children they are left behind.These illegal aliens then become working class slaves and corporations continue to piggy back off of all of our backs. Capitalism is a joke............

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