Friday, September 25, 2009

911 comission act

The battle for United 93 informed me of the events that led up to the crashing of United Flight number 93 in Shanksville Pennsylvania.My interpretation of this narrative is vastly different from how others may interprete it.I believe that misscommunication and lack of leadership led to the deaths of innocent human beings.As stated in The 911 Comission Act, no one at TheFAA or the airlines that day has ever dealt with multiple hijackings, and that was clearly exhibited on September 11, 2001.It didn't occur to The FAA leadership to alert other aircrafts in the air that they too were at risk.In an attempt to defend themselves, the FAA stated in The 911 commission act ," It was the air carriers responsibility to notify their planes of security problems".The Airliner's defense was that they received reports that were conflicted and lacking in vital information.Both sides were truly unprepared for the events that occurred on September 11 2001, thus i conclude, that although we can't change the lack of organization and leadership that had transpired;however, we can learn from the mistakes and make sure a tragedy to this extent will never happen again.

The thirty seven Passengers on Flight 93 took it upon themselves to show leadership that was lacking from The FAA and Airliners by making sure the hijackers didn't succeed in their hateful mission.These Individuals were true heroes whose lives were lost due to hatred of foreign entities, and lack of communication and preparation for such an event.It is truly sad that it took such an atrocity for the nation to get it together when it comes to securing the airwaves.We as Americans tend to have the belief that such events can never happen on our homeland, but September 11th, proved that when you don't take foreign threats serious, and aren't prepared for such an event anything can happen.

I can only imagine being on the other end of the phone talking to one of my loved ones for the last time.I would ask myself ,ow and why did this happen, and what could of been done to prevent it?I can only imagine being on the flight that day and witnessing the lack of compassion for others lives and the hatred beforehand.The truth is we live in an inherently evil world and without proper preventive techniques, terrorist will be able to attack our country freely.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Woman's Human Rights In Perspective

My good friend J writer 4, whos blogspot link I will leave for you to view,made a great video on Human Rights and Rape as Genocide.I decided to conduct my own research on the topic, and I was amazed at the lack of legal protections of Woman's Human rights.Woman's humans rights recieved scant attention before the 1990s, and to bring awareness to this issue The Woman's Rights Project of Human Rights Watch and The Woman's Rights Advocacy Program of the International Human Rights Law group, were established to bring forth activisim for Womans Rights.Why were womans rights given little attention in the mass society?Institutional and structional factors, such as lack of representation in national governments and international governments led to the lack of insight of Woman's Human Rights.What are Woman's Rights?Certain Individuals like to believe that Woman's Rights shouldn't be labeled as Woman's Rights but strictly Human Rights.Woman's Rights are Human Rights, but when it comes to Forced pregnancy and sexual violence in cultures where its socially accepted, Womans rights are violated.In Islamic countrys death by stoning of woman for adcriultery is a normal pratice.Not much is said and thought about it.Rape as a war crime is a violation of Human rights, and when it comes to African woman being raped in War times not much is said.In 1992 during the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegivina. The U.N. established a tribunal to prosecute whom ever commited these horrid acts.If the U. N. wants to prosecute individuals for Human Rights violations, why dont they prosecute everyone and not turn there heads on African Woman.There human arent they?
Link to Jwriter4's 30 minute video on Femicide enjoy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

America Post Obama

What will America be like Post Obama , weither it be 2012 or 2016?What will America be like for Black people post Obama.Will the opportunity to succed be greater?Will our children be able to go to safe and functionalble schools?Will we bridge the gap and take what is naturally ours ?,or will we continue to be at the end of negative statistics?

I ask this because its not far away, and our position in this society hasnt changed.Think about this and leave me your thoughts.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Someone Please Give Kanye West a Bottle of Sit Yo ass Down

Kanye West is a corny bitch made attention seeking individual.Kanye West has been known as a crybaby who can't shut his mouth,and his actions at The Vmas clearly showcased his addiction and need for attention.He trys to come of as a outspoken person, but he fails miserably.Theres nothing wrong with sitting down sometimes.You always dont have to be the center of attention all the time,its very corny, especially for a man.Never the less, I hope Kanye gets his act together and sits his ass down next time, no one respects a bully.