Monday, March 22, 2010


Capitalism has a major effect on people around the world. In capitalism, a minority of people benefit from capitalism, while the majority either suffer in poverty or make just enough money to survive. Wages continue to drop while prices for goods increase daily. Unemployment in the United States continues to rise while gas prices steadily increase. In Virginia gas is currently $2.65 cents a gallon. Corporations make billions from consumers, and their slave like working conditions for their employees. Wal-Mart is one of the biggest corporations in the world, but their employees make peanuts compared to the billions of dollars Wal-Mart grosses annually. In socialistic societies the workers own a piece of the companies they work for, and wages are distributed evenly. These types of policies would never work in America since average Americans are indoctrinated by white supremacy. Thus, the idea of competition rather than working together for a greater cause for all is indoctrinated in the minds of folks throughout the nation. As a result, poor rednecks that live in dingy trailer parks walk around with confederate flags, and Republican bumper stickers on their cars as though they have benefited from Capitalism. However, their ignorance only insures politicians fat pay days. Politicians constantly benefit off of the stupidity of their constituents, and the political spectrum is essentially a game of who can lie the best. Poor people and working class people never receive any real solutions to their problems just broken promises and bills that end up costing taxpayers more money.

The House of Representatives, with the support of President Barrack Obama, recently passed a Health Care Reform Bill. The President’s concerns for those who desperately need health care are needed, but he fails to address their problems thoroughly. Without a public option which essentially forces insurances companies to compete with a medi-care like health care coverage program from the government for all; insurance companies will still make billions of dollars from tax payer money. The Health Care Reform Americans will be receiving will be the watered down version. By not fighting for a public option, the Democrats proved that they too like the Republican Party share interests with the insurance companies. In getting the Republicans to fight hard against the public option, the Democrats were able to push through the house a health care bill they felt would gather up enough votes to pass into law. If this premise is true then both parties are corrupted and true progressive are needed to bring forth true change. It is time for the youth to take over and make our voices heard. We are the future and capitalism continues to fail this nation. I refuse to become a wage slave. Capitalism must be destroyed and it will take grassroots efforts to bring capitalism to its much needed demise......

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blacks And Criminal Justice

African-Americans in America are under constant scrutiny and surveillance by the Criminal Justice System. The war on drugs has single handedly funded an intrusive quest to incarcerate record numbers of African-Americans. However, since its arrival in the 80s, the war on drugs has failed to address the real drug problems in this country. The big drug kingpins continue to earn astronomical profits while corner non violent young black drug dealers face long prison sentences. Drug force agencies such as the D.E.A, F.B.I and Swat Teams regularly raid innocent citizens homes with guns drawn in the presence of children; in search of drugs that are not present. Unreliable informant testimony often leads to poor innocent civilians being charged as felons. Once charged indigents have no chance to fight for justice since they cannot afford proper representation. Often times poor people plead guilty in order to avoid serving several years in prison due to maximum sentencing. Blacks are disproportionately criminalized by the Criminal Justice System, although they do not commit crime at any higher rate than any other group of people in America. In a so called post racial society more injustices are being committed, but laws written by white supremacist promoters justify injustice. Police officers invade inner cities with malice intent to destroy the livelihood of hardworking black people. Blacks on a daily basis around the nation are searched unconstitutionally. Thus, an overwhelming number of young black men and women are branded with criminal records. As Michelle Alexander stated in “The New Jim Crow” blacks with felony convictions are delegated to a second caste status like blacks during Jim Crow.

Terry vs. Ohio upheld the notion that reasonable suspicion rather than probable cause is all that is needed to conduct a search on an individual. No consent from an individual to conduct a search is needed, so police officers have the discretion to consider who is suspicious and who is not, and who deserves to be searched. This policy disproportionately affects poor blacks since poor blacks often live in inner cities, and inner cities are seen as a hot bed for crime, although crime occurs in all communities. From a young age blacks are taught what and what not to say to police and to also be weary of police officers. Since local police agencies fail in maintaining a strong relationship with black communities; police officers often have a hard time communicating with blacks and a disconnect between blacks and law enforcement is present. Since blacks are weary of police officers, when stopped by an officer blacks are often nervous or even evasive. If an innocent kid runs from the police because he/she is sincerely scared of the police, the police have reasonable suspension to search the kid although he did not commit a crime. The fourth amendment protects blacks from unreasonable search and seizure, but Terry vs. Ohio grants police officers the ability to conduct arbitrary searches. So, if an officer visualizes a black male in a high crime neighborhood the officer has the reasonable suspicion to question and search him. Furthermore, officers are granted unconstitutional authority to use discretion rather than probable cause in implementing searches. Blacks who cannot afford to move to the suburbs should not be criminalized and forced to engage in unconstitutional searches just because they happen to live in pseudo high crime areas. These policies are nothing more than defacto discrimination.

Race neutral policies drastically harm African- Americans. These policies treat blacks as though they do not have a disparate impact on them. Policy makers must address the disparities in regards to blacks in the Criminal Justice System and do further research to find out why blacks are affected disproportionately. The public must fight for transparency from local police departments, and blacks cannot continue to be treated like second class citizens. Unconstitutional search and seizures are not tolerated in upper class white communities because police officers know better; whites are granted their fourth amendment rights. Black criminologists must study and write more about these issues because only they can truly touch upon these issues properly. New ideas and strategies must be implemented to challenge status quo.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Criminal Justice Reform

The Criminal Justice System has historically had a disparate impact on African-Americans in America. However, little has been done to address these disparities and Blacks continue to be incarcerated and sentenced to death at record numbers. Sentencing reform is a strategy that must be pushed into the forefront of political debate. It is inhumane and immoral to sentence blacks to death when disparities in regards to sentencing exist. The crimes that black offenders commit are often no different than the crimes that their white counterparts commit, but blacks often find themselves incarcerated ten times longer than whites and are often times sentenced to death. Black politicians like Barrack Obama must address these issues, and Attorney General Erick Holder must begin the dialogue on sentencing reform. Barrack Obama is the first African-American President and Eric Holder is the first African-American Attorney General but they both fail miserably in regards to addressing black issues within The Criminal Justice System.

Young African-American men tend to find it hard to adapt to a white-supremacist society which criminalizes and labels young black males at an early age. In elementary schools black children with behavioral problems are often labeled as problem children and given a behavioral history that follows them throughout their academic careers. In suburban school districts white children with behavioral problems are granted the opportunity to correct their behavioral deficiencies by being granted the opportunity to enroll in after school programs, and extra curricular activities to keep them out of trouble. Black children enrolled in schools in poor districts are not granted the benefit to vent their frustrations by taking part in various extra circular activities that may help these children succeed in life. Thus, a fair amount of black children are left hopeless without any sort of positive guidance. As these children age the probability of them engaging in criminal activity increases. In addition, police officers prey on young black males who are not aware of their rights. Black males are subject to illegal searches which sometimes result in petty drug possession charges. Criminal records for young black men start early and once in the system it is hard to stay out of it. Misdemeanor convictions can lead to felony convictions and once an individual develops a pattern of convictions; the criminal justice system can burden an individual with extensive probation and restitution, which can lead to incarceration if the probationer does not follow their probation properly.

Whites are given second chances that blacks do not always have the opportunity to benefit from. White criminals can be sentenced to rehab, probation, halfway houses, and sometimes their charges may even be lowered substantially. In regards to the death penalty blacks are sentenced to death at higher numbers than whites. Modern day lynching is being executed by the state, and although there is substantial evidence that shows that blacks are being executed at disproportionate numbers little is being done or said to address this travesty. I suggest that blacks in all states demand dialogue on sentencing reform, and politicians who are scared to address black issues must be voted out. In the 60’s blacks of all ages marched for justice, but sadly their struggles have reappeared in new forms in the new millennium. Our elders granted us the opportunity to have black representation but sadly our black representatives have been bought out by corporate interests. Blacks in America have become complacent and feel as though the fight is over, since a black family is in the white house. We must remember that Barrack’s and Michelle’s accomplishments are strictly their own personal accomplishments. Blacks are still suffering and disparities on all levels still exist. The fight is not over a new breed of radical black activists must continue the fight for social justice.

Monday, March 8, 2010

White Supremacy in Proffesional Sports Media

Ben Roethlisberger quarterback for The Pittsburgh Steelers has just been accused for the second time in less than a year of sexually assaulting a woman. When Kobe Bryant was accused of rape in 2006 the media had a field day covering Kobe’s trial and it was as though the media enjoyed showcasing another black athletes demise. The myth of White supremacy exposes itself as a fallacy, but the white ran media continuously hide white dysfunction. Ben has not lost any sponsors and the media has a lack luster mentality toward woman rights by keeping quite in regards to the allegations brought against Ben Roethlisberger. One can only question why certain athletes are allowed to defend their image while other athletes are persecuted by the media. Racism must be considered since Ben Roethlisberger is white and Kobe Bryant and other athletes such as Michael Vick were presumed guilty,while Roethlisberger has a chance to defend his image. Sports reporting needs more black people. Black athletes consistently get judged and analyzed through the eyes of white writers.

Sports Journalists and Anchors on ESPN and various other sports networks constantly bash and belittle black athletes. Professional Sports including Football, Basketball, and Baseball are predominately played by athletes of color, but the journalists who write about and often belittle black professional athletes are often white. Blacks in America are under attack from all levels of society and it does not help that the negative image of black men is further perpetrated on black professional athletes when white athletes are being protected. A good amount of black professional athletes come from poor urban environments, so white journalists who come from privilege have no right to discuss and explain why certain black athletes commit crimes. When Plaxico Burress shot himself several white ESPN anchors expressed that Plaxico was a thug from a bad neighborhood who has not grown up. These white anchors have no clue on what it is like to be young and black with money in America so their commentary on issues regarding black athletes issues has no credibility. Like so many fields in America the voice of black journalists who can relate to black athletes are silenced, and the black journalists who do have a voice are often white washed. In addition, ESPN often picks safe blacks to make their network seem diverse, but they fail miserably.

When black athletes are filling arenas, selling shoes, and selling jerseys everyone loves them, but when a young black athlete makes a simple mistake they are reminded that they will always be a nigger no matter how much money they have. A lot of pressure comes along with making millions of dollars for a young black man who is not used to having a lot of money. Friends and enemies from the past want a piece of the newly acquired wealth and popularity. White journalists really hate seeing a 21 year old black man from the ghetto make more money in one year than they may make in their whole life, but in order to keep their job they must act as though they like the athlete; when in reality they can’t wait to see them fail. Whenever a black athlete faces controversy it is as though white journalists show their true racist colors, and go on a black athlete bashing spree. Instead of finding the aggravating and mitigating circumstances like white athletes are granted; white journalists assume black athletes are guilty until proven innocent much like society treats average blacks in inner cities. White supremacy is in effect on all levels in America and the media helps maintain white supremacy. The voice of blacks in America on levels must be heard to ensure that white supremacy is eliminated.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Double Standards

Anti American sentiment has drastically increased since the election of the first African-American president. Many white men in America have become angered and feel as though Barrack Obama poses a threat to white supremacy. Gun sales throughout the nation have increased substantially, and there has been an influx of militia and white supremacist groups. These groups fill the internet with anti government propaganda and are a threat to democracy. Militias and White supremacist groups who threaten and act against the well being of this country are terrorists and should be labeled as such. The recent Pentagon Shooting and The IRS building suicide plane crash in Texas are examples of terrorist attacks committed by white men. The stereotypes of a typical terrorist in the eyes of most Americans are Middle Eastern Muslim men. However, recently middle aged white men have been the ones committing terrorist attacks against the United States, but their actions are not being considered terrorist attacks. Their attacks are not being considered terrorist attacks because white men are never labeled.

When U.S. Army Major Nidal Malik Hassan unloaded his weapon at Fort Hood and killed 13 innocent soldiers immediately this attack was tied to terrorism. The mass media began questioning if Muslim American Soldiers would face repercussions for Major Hassan’s attack. The problem with this kind of media coverage and thinking is that whenever a white man commits a crime white men are persecuted as individuals, but whenever Muslim or black men commit crimes blacks and Muslims as a whole are profiled. For example, after September 11th passengers of airplanes who looked Middle Eastern were watched closely. When in reality, not all men who appear Middle Eastern pose a threat to the safety of The United States. This security strategy of profiling actually fails because we focus on one group of people that may pose a threat instead of all people who pose a threat. An intelligent terrorist group who knows the stereotype of terrorists in America can easily find someone who doesn’t fit the stereotype and use them to implement their attacks. The true terrorists are those who are not being labeled and continue to enforce terror on American citizens daily.

The attack on the IRS building in Texas was an act of terrorism. However, since the pilot of the plane that crashed into the building was white; the government considered his attack “a criminal act by a lone individual”. White people have the privilege of being considered an individual while every other race is labeled as a whole. There is no such thing as a lone terrorist from Iraq, or a lone gang banger from Compton. White people are guilty of bunching people of color together. They do not have the ability to separate individuals from a group of misfits whom portray a negative image. They see a group of bad black kids misbehaving and consider the whole black race criminal. This is why racial profiling exists. White men can post anti government rhetoric online, commit terrorist attacks, and not be considered terrorists. I guess the word terrorist only applies to men in countries we want to invade. The United States better wake up and realize who the real threat is before it is too late. The biggest threat to democracy resides within our own borders.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Genocide of The Poor in America

The physical and mental sufferings of the underprivileged in America should be considered a form of genocide. It is no secret that The United States of America has a history of oppression, genocide, racism, and corruption, but in regards to the current status of our country; the needs of the oppressed are often overlooked. In the so called land of opportunity those without a history of wealth or those without the privilege of having fair skin, find it hard to advance in a society that does not care about their hardships. The poor are under attack from all levels, but their plight continues due to the inability to bring forth awareness in regards to their issues. Human suffering is often looked upon as laziness when in fact this country was built on human suffering. The poor do not ask for much, all they ask for is an opportunity to reach their highest potential, but when public schools in rural and urban districts are under funded, and the Criminal Justice System criminalizes their suffering one can only consider their suffering a form of genocide.

Public schools in America are being under funded while drop out rates continue to rise in poorer communities. Professors at Public Universities have to fight for tenure, while private institutions continue to receive public and private grants. A quality and cheap education is essential for those who must work while they attend school, but students who attend public universities continue to see their tuition rise every semester. In addition, the interest on student loans continues to rise without concern for the students. In Cuba students in medical school attend school for free as long as they work in hospitals in poor communities. Sadly, Americans are terrified of communistic education policies such as those in Cuba. The price of Higher Education in America will continue to rise if action is not taken by those affected by these policies. Public Higher Education is being sacrificed to ensure that private schools can earn record profits. An individual may not be born into wealth, but he/she can create wealth with academic success. Preventing the poor from an opportunity at Higher Education is a way for those in power to maintain their power. If the masses of poor people were to gain academic credentials the power structure would shift drastically, but in order to maintain this power structure poor people must be shut out of academia.

Employment is an essential need for an individual in this society in order to live comfortably. In order to gain adequate employment one must keep a clean criminal record. In regards to poor people this requirement is often hard to maintain since they are often in contact with police officers. Economically deprived neighborhoods are stigmatized as high crime environments by various police departments throughout The United States. Although, those who live in these environments do not engage in criminal activity anymore than any other neighborhood throughout The United States; these neighborhoods are under intense scrutiny daily. With higher chances of having police contact poor people of color have a higher probability of having criminal records. A good percentage of African-Americans who are currently incarcerated are serving time on victimless and drug related charges. When they return to society from incarceration they are then branded felons and become part of a permanent under caste. Their ability to gain reputable employment is substantially decreased. The injustices that are attached to being a convicted felon are astronomical and inhumane. The rights to vote, live in public housing, and carry licensed weapons are also surrendered. With a high percentage of blacks incarcerated and labeled felons blacks around the nation experience a substantial loss in representation when it comes time to vote. Employment disparities continue to surface and more poor blacks continue to be incarcerated. The suffering of the poor must be considered a form of genocide.