Monday, March 8, 2010

White Supremacy in Proffesional Sports Media

Ben Roethlisberger quarterback for The Pittsburgh Steelers has just been accused for the second time in less than a year of sexually assaulting a woman. When Kobe Bryant was accused of rape in 2006 the media had a field day covering Kobe’s trial and it was as though the media enjoyed showcasing another black athletes demise. The myth of White supremacy exposes itself as a fallacy, but the white ran media continuously hide white dysfunction. Ben has not lost any sponsors and the media has a lack luster mentality toward woman rights by keeping quite in regards to the allegations brought against Ben Roethlisberger. One can only question why certain athletes are allowed to defend their image while other athletes are persecuted by the media. Racism must be considered since Ben Roethlisberger is white and Kobe Bryant and other athletes such as Michael Vick were presumed guilty,while Roethlisberger has a chance to defend his image. Sports reporting needs more black people. Black athletes consistently get judged and analyzed through the eyes of white writers.

Sports Journalists and Anchors on ESPN and various other sports networks constantly bash and belittle black athletes. Professional Sports including Football, Basketball, and Baseball are predominately played by athletes of color, but the journalists who write about and often belittle black professional athletes are often white. Blacks in America are under attack from all levels of society and it does not help that the negative image of black men is further perpetrated on black professional athletes when white athletes are being protected. A good amount of black professional athletes come from poor urban environments, so white journalists who come from privilege have no right to discuss and explain why certain black athletes commit crimes. When Plaxico Burress shot himself several white ESPN anchors expressed that Plaxico was a thug from a bad neighborhood who has not grown up. These white anchors have no clue on what it is like to be young and black with money in America so their commentary on issues regarding black athletes issues has no credibility. Like so many fields in America the voice of black journalists who can relate to black athletes are silenced, and the black journalists who do have a voice are often white washed. In addition, ESPN often picks safe blacks to make their network seem diverse, but they fail miserably.

When black athletes are filling arenas, selling shoes, and selling jerseys everyone loves them, but when a young black athlete makes a simple mistake they are reminded that they will always be a nigger no matter how much money they have. A lot of pressure comes along with making millions of dollars for a young black man who is not used to having a lot of money. Friends and enemies from the past want a piece of the newly acquired wealth and popularity. White journalists really hate seeing a 21 year old black man from the ghetto make more money in one year than they may make in their whole life, but in order to keep their job they must act as though they like the athlete; when in reality they can’t wait to see them fail. Whenever a black athlete faces controversy it is as though white journalists show their true racist colors, and go on a black athlete bashing spree. Instead of finding the aggravating and mitigating circumstances like white athletes are granted; white journalists assume black athletes are guilty until proven innocent much like society treats average blacks in inner cities. White supremacy is in effect on all levels in America and the media helps maintain white supremacy. The voice of blacks in America on levels must be heard to ensure that white supremacy is eliminated.

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