Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Uninformed Beliefs

Americans will go out of their way to support political ideologies they feel suit their bigoted beliefs, regardless if the political party’s they support are against individuals self interest. Watching the so called “Tea Parties”, that occurred on September 11th further proves my point that some whites just do not want to see the President succeed, regardless if the presidents policies in fact do benefit poorer whites. It is almost as if common sense goes out of the window when it comes to listening to what our president has to say. A critical thinker would listen to both sides of a argument and make a informed decision based off of a logical premise, but when it comes to a black man all informed decision making goes out of the window. This type of thinking is a huge problem in America. President Bush was able to win two elections, and destroy our economy based off of his right wing ultra conservative/religious rhetoric. Right wingers claim to be god loving people who love their country, but when it comes to fixing our country with our current president they want his policies to fail. What happened to God Bless America? Does that saying only apply when a Caucasian is in office?

My teacher today discussed health care reform briefly in class. He tried to stay neutral, but his way of presenting the facts clearly showed that his beliefs were biased. He brought up the fact that health care for everyone is important, but the tax payer money that will be spent to accomplish health care reform is ridiculous. Right wingers love using the “T” word(Tax payer), but when president bush was spending uncontrollably and deregulating the market, the “T” word was nowhere to be found. I have some advice for right wingers; if you want to be taken seriously please be consistent. Your hate for a black president is clearly visible.

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