Saturday, November 7, 2009

Health Care Reform and Blue Dog Democrats

Health care reform has just passed through the house and the only thing holding it back is the senate. I do not want to jump to conclusions since the bill has not passed yet, but if it were to pass this is a great sign for actual change. Thirty nine democrats voted against the bill while only one republican voted for it. Thus, showcasing some sort of division within the Democratic Party. This division is a major threat even though the bill passed regardless. If the democrats are not careful this division can cost them severely in the upcoming elections. The Virginia and New Jersey Governor races were both lost by the Democratic Party, although President Barrack Obama is a very popular democratic president. Barrack is not a one man show and him co signing something does not always guarantee a victory. Therefore, the democrats must regroup as a party and get rid of the so called “blue dog” Democrats.

The Blue dog democrats consider them selves fiscally conservative liberals who are independent. I consider them Southern Republicans who have infiltrated the Democratic Party. These blue dogs then complicate policy making for the true liberals further dividing the Democratic Party. One thing I can say about the Republicans is that they do tend to stick together no matter how whack their policies may be. It is up to the constituents of these so called Blue dog democrats to make sure these fools do not further divide the Democratic Party. Do not vote for someone who votes against health care reform, or any type of reform that may benefit society. Instead of worrying about the right the Democrats must keep an eye on those who vote against bills backed heavily by fellow democrats. One can only wonder if these Blue dogs are really just Republican infiltrators out to divide the Democratic Party.

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