Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random Thoughts

Americans have a serious issue when it comes to living beyond their means, and buying materialistic things to impress society. Regardless of how much a person is earning yearly, their quality of life is often based off of what material items they posses. Materialistic people are placed on a pedestal, while simpler individuals are looked down upon. This creates a society of attention seekers, who will do anything for their five minutes of fame. Social networks are great for one thing, besides networking, entertainment. Sites like Ustream, and you tube, showcase attention seeking individuals on a daily basis searching for their big break. Throwing money on strippers, known as making it rain was embraced in the hip hop culture, and impressionable teens sale drugs to join in this fad. In addition, dropping out of school can be looked at as adding street credentials to an aspiring rappers resume, and I don’t have enough fingers to count all the independent rap artists I know. If this type of behavior continues our youth will be working until their 70, or our prisons will fill up until we have to start building prisons on mars. It may sound sarcastic, but our priorities are messed up. Like Barrack Obama said, “Not everyone can be Lil Wayne or Lebron James”, but if you were to take a trip around your neighborhood you would think otherwise. Maybe it is just my neighborhood, or maybe it is yours also, but one thing is certain there are too many Indians and not enough chiefs.

On a more serious note, I often times wonder why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. Do elite people exploit materialism so lower level people can spend all their money buying things that aren’t important? What says you……..

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