Wednesday, December 16, 2009

College Educated Idiots

Community Colleges are a stepping ground for students who struggled in high school, and students who can not afford the expensive tuition of public and private Universities. However, not all students understand the full entirety of the Community College system. Associate degrees are an accomplishment to be proud of, but when it comes time to transfer to a four year university, it is up to the University to decide which credits they will accept, and if your credits are accepted. Your grades from your Community College may not always be transferred. What good is it to have 60 credits transferred to a University without a grade attached to them? One may have the necessary credits to graduate, but may also lack the core classes needed to graduate. Therefore, your 60 credits completed at a Community College were used just to get you in the door of a University. As stated earlier, community colleges are a stepping stone to get into a University, but it is not fair to make students pay for courses that may not always be accredited at Universities.

Proponents to Community colleges argue that dummies are being passed on to university's funded by the government. I agree to an extent, however I believe that everyone deserves a chance to receive a quality education. At the same time, everyone should be able to receive some sort of federal assistance. Free money is out there but sometimes the wrong people are given the free money. I have an acquaintance who does not take his Community College education seriously. He often brags about what he is going to buy with his financial aid money, and tends to take the minimum amount of classes each semester. To continue receiving financial aid money a student only has to maintain a 2.0 grade point average. Students like the one mentioned earlier, then proceed to acquire associate degrees, and head on to four year universities to receive bachelor degrees. When they reach Universities their skills needed to succeed are below average, and they get pushed through bachelor programs with sub par skills. In today's day and age students who should not receive degrees are being handed degrees, and passed along to grad school, which produces College educated Idiots. These people then proceed to wear their college degrees on their sleeves even though their skills a far below a college graduate level.

Schools need to stop worrying about making money , and make sure students who cant perform at a college level be educated properly.

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