Saturday, July 4, 2009

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has single handedly taken over the media,A man once forgotten and ridiculed is now obsessed over and hated.What ever felling you have about the man you must respect his life and music, he was a weirdo, but who wouldn't be growing up in the spotlight since child hood.Mike lived his life Like a living Truman show. We tend to judge without being able to relate or understand a person.Seeing mikes last performance before his death really showed the passion he had for his craft. Creatively, Mike had some tricks up his sleeve and was about to take the world for a journey, but we didnt get to see that journey occur.Something happend during his last couple of hours of living and Mikes associates dropped the ball , by allowing him to take a suicidial nose dive using drug .Essentially, All he really needed was a friend and a rock to lean on.I learned alot from Mikes music, interviews and actions, he was a humanitariaun and he gave his life to this world.Its sad he didnt get to enjoy the rest of his life and see his children go off to college Rest In peace Mike Jack.

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