Friday, January 29, 2010

Self Hate: The Negro Dilemma

Self hate amongst people of color, Blacks in general has been a historic problem throughout the world. In a society where blacks are labeled as less than it is to no surprise why some blacks hate themselves. Black history has been erased out of the books and young blacks tend to be ignorant to the totality of their ancestors, accomplishments. In addition, white supremacy and western standards help demonize afro centric cultures. Some blacks feel that they have no choice but to distance themselves from their black roots if they want a chance to fulfill their dreams in America. Little do they know that there will always be barriers to overcome no matter what their social status may become. Blacks in Spanish speaking countries are quick to denounce their African blood although Blacks are historically oppressed around the globe. Sammy Sosa Is a perfect example of a self hating Latin-Negro who went to the extent to even bleach his skin and perm his hair to appear less Black. Not all people who bleach their skin and perm their hair have self hate issues. However, when a person denounces their true self and tries to be someone that they are not then it is evident that they suffer from self hate. Michael Jackson may have bleached his skin for whatever reasons, but he never denounced who he was. He let it be known that he was a black man and his humanitarian efforts prove that he loved black people. Blacks who suffer from self hate feel that if they distance themselves from their black characteristics then they have a better chance at assimilating to a white supremacist society.

Many Black Immigrants are known for migrating to the United States and feeling as though they are better than American Blacks, but when they go back to their home countries they are treated like dogs and reminded that they are nothing more than a poor Black. It is also imperative that immigrant Blacks be reminded that if it were not for earlier generations of Blacks in America fighting for freedom then they too would not have a opportunity to create a life for themselves in America. Instead of looking down upon American Blacks, Immigrant Blacks must respect and understand American Blacks struggles and achievements. Self hate plays a major role in this cultural divide because some Immigrant Blacks like American Blacks are indoctrinated to believe that being black is something to regret. I have a friend who claims to be mixed but in all actuality he is really just ashamed of being Black. This behavior was placed upon him by his family, and he was taught at an early age to distance himself from anything that may be "too" black. This behavior is typical of a white racist from the south but nowadays there are blacks who hate fellow blacks just as much as a clan member would. Light Skin and dark skin is another major issue with Blacks. Some blacks feel as though darker skin is unattractive and lighter skin is ideal and acceptable in society. Some Black men may even seek lighter complexion woman just in hopes to lighten their children's skin. Some will even go to the extent of perming their hair to make it appear more curly when their original texture is much more coarse. How many people do you know that denounce their black genes but acknowledge their so called white genes? Although, during slavery, they would most likely, be out on the field picking cotton with the rest of the black slaves.

Self hate is a major issue affecting people of color around the world. One must understand that no matter how far you distance yourself from your roots their will always be a disparity or an injustice to remind you of your status in this world. You can only hide from yourself for so long until you have to accept the totality of yourself. Haiti is a perfect example of Black status in this world. You can be as free as you want to but their will always be a physical or mental embargo holding you back like the embargo's that crushed Haiti’s economy. Blacks must free themselves from mental oppression and embrace their culture's and accomplishments in this world.

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