Monday, January 25, 2010

Birthday Thoughts

Today is my Birthday another year in this so called post racial country. I was at the department of motor vehicles today and I was amazed at all of the white woman clutching their purses as I walked by them, like I was some sort of menace to society. I was reminded today that no matter how far I come or what success I obtain in this world I will always be nothing more than a Black Man in society's eyes. The media portrays blacks and minority's as inferior and inherently criminal. The blacks who do succeed tend to bow down to western standards and other blacks who refuse to change themselves for society are marginalized. Our voice in this democracy is never heard and we are constantly told to shut up and deal with what ever problems we may face. I am writing this because I am tired of going to a school in the South where my voice and viewpoints are not welcome. I am tired of seeing other blacks keep their mouths shut while injustice and bigotry stare them in their eyes. Today is my birthday I enjoy having the opportunity to live another year on this earth, but I cannot ignore the injustices I face on a daily basis just because today happens to be my birthday. Injustices and racism should be acknowledged on a daily basis and today I was reminded once again that most of society sees me as a menace to society. Oh well, Its my Birthday Happy Birthday Me........

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