Friday, January 1, 2010

The Politics of Fear

Fear propaganda is a favorable strategy implemented by both the Democratic and Republican parties. Whether it is the war on terror, the war on drugs, or any policy that benefits the ruling powers interests. The failed terrorist attack on Christmas day is a great example of fear propaganda. Enlist fear in the public by propagandizing an issue at hand, and pacify these fears by enforcing policies that are meant to solve the issue. Yes, Homeland security is in desperate need of adequate leadership to protect us from future attacks, but we cannot discriminate against Muslims, and violate individual rights by racially profiling and performing full body scans at airports, which the Republicans believe in. In times of confusion and fear, policy is written and enacted quickly, to ensure that it is passed with little outcry from the public. If the public is in fear of a threat, whether it be an actual threat or a fabricated threat, then the government can use these fears as leverage to implement policy, which often ends up limiting our freedom.

The War on terror has been fought off of the back of fear propaganda. In return, laws like the US Patriot Act has been created, which limit the rights of citizens. The Anti-American sentiment has greatly expanded in foreign nations, and taxpayer money continues to be spent to promote democracy abroad. How can a government promote democracy, when it has a rich history of oppression, and pillaging of indigenous people? How can we condemn others, when our own injustices are continuously swept under the rug? Political correctness is taught at an early age, and individuals who act against the establishment, are outcasted as radicals who are ungrateful of the country they live in. Freedom is limited by policy implemented from fear tactics, placed upon an uneducated population, who vote against their own interests; based off an indoctrinated political ideology. Therefore, companies like BlackWater and their political affiliates are able to profit off of contracts that are meant to comfort our pseudo fears.

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