Sunday, November 4, 2012

Racist minorities are modern day house niggas.

Some minorities are JUST as racist if not MORE racist than racist whites, yet racist whites still don't care for other minorities any more than they care for blacks. It is like some minorities feel that if they identify with white supremacy and condemn blacks then whites will some how accept them and no longer see them as a lowly racial minority. I don’t get it, blacks have historically fought hard in America and other countries around the world for minorities and other oppressed peoples so they can have some of the opportunities that they currently have and benefit from, yet many minorities are closet racists. Closet racists will smile in your face and sometimes even hang out with you but if you study their actions extensively you will most likely find out that they are under cover racists. For example, some minority individuals go out of their way to identify with right wing political ideology. Although many individuals who identify with left wing political ideology can still be racist, liberals have been known to be supportive of policies that support minority needs, so liberals in a sense are the lesser of two evils. Thus, most people who consider themselves to be liberal tend to be more conscious of racial and social issues in America than conservatives. However, minorities who identify with conservatism tend to be against supporting social programs and believe that race isn’t an issue anymore in the 21’st century, even though Republicans have historically failed to expand their appeal to minority voters, while Democrats have been the go to party for blacks and other minorities. During the current Presidential election Blacks and Hispanics most likely will vote for President Obama in record numbers while Romney will most likely win with “angry white men and women”. So for a minority who makes less than 250,000 dollars a year, as most minorities do, to vote for a Republican candidate is idiotic and I would even go as far to say that the race of President Obama plays a major role in their decision to vote against their own interests.

For a racist minority, Romney and other conservative politicians represent what America is in their eyes : patriotic and anti -Black. Democrats are too liberal for racist minorities, although they have fought harder for minorities than Republicans have. Republicans have supported anti minority legislation, Arizona’s anti immigrant bill is a perfect example of how Republicans truly feel about minorities, yet many ignorant racist minorities still support the “Good Ol Racist Party”. Labeling yourself as a Republican in a racist minorities eyes is akin to disassociating your self from your minority status and lighting up(becoming whiter), but in reality most Republican whites really don’t care for minorities no matter how hard they try to appease whites, which is extremely funny to say the least and similar to the slave days when house slaves tried their hardest to appease their slave master , to only be used as a tool to create division amongst slaves which resulted in a greater control of the slaves and halted many slave rebellions, as many house slaves often told their slave masters the details of potential slave revolts that were planned by less privileged slaves who didn’t have the benefit of working and sleeping inside their slave masters house. Racist minorities are similar to house slaves as they are used to create division amongst minorities since master(white racists), usually see them as slaves too. In addition, many racist minorities look down on blacks as though they are socially or economically in a better position than blacks in America. In reality, the number of African Americans earning 75,000 or more dollars a year grew by 64% between 2000 and 2009, which is 12% faster than the overall populations earning growth(Chicago Business). All blacks are not down and out and not all blacks are “thugs” and on welfare as many racists want you to believe. Also, 64% of African-American women work while 60% of non-African American work, so statistics show that black men and black women are progressing in America although racism and discrimination still exists ,which forces blacks to work ten times harder than others, since whites still control the power structure.

Most minorities who are racist are ignorant of the history in America and ignorant of their own history which forces them to try to identify with whiteness. Since the population in America is becoming more diverse minority groups must come together in solidarity in order to demolish white supremacy, but when members from various ethnic groups identify with white supremacy then they are no different than house niggas from the south during the 17th and 18th century because they hinder progress for other minorities. Some scholars even argue that blacks should stop fighting for other minorities and focus on issues that pertain to blacks, I agree but other minorities and blacks as a whole too must focus on abolishing white supremacy. Until this happens blacks and other minorities will still have to deal with white supremacy which hinders progress for those who suffer from its oppressive ills.

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  1. Sean this was well written. I agree that you have those blacks that try to identify with whites to become accepted, but in reality, they are no different than house niggers that were used for the slave master's benefit. Keep addressing these critical issues Dr. Wilson!